“Batting for the Future” with Cricket Coaching Mats

The clocks Spring Forward very soon (1am Sunday 29 March 2015) So The Cricket Season is here – is it not?

Our new cricket season is only a matter of weeks away the perennial problem of how to develop your Juniors that Attend your Great Club.

“All Love it – Junior and Adult alike”

Too often when trying to develop their batting skills coaches are thwarted by poor feeds or poor deliveries . Youngsters are not experienced enough to put the ball consistently in one place to enable a batsman to play a certain shot correctly. How can you coach the straight drive when a typical over consists of 2 wides, a beamer, 2 long hops and a ball that bounces twice!

Many coaches have now started to use the Cricket Coaching Mat in their quest for improvement


The excellent Cricket Coaching mat, (pictured), allows the coach to decide on which shot a youngster needs to work on.

There are 5 tees of different heights and 39 different positions where they can be placed. As the tees are fed through from below, they stay in place so no time is wasted retrieving the tees and setting it all up again. The coach can then clearly demonstrate how to play the shot correctly, whilst discussing the shot in a calm environment from a few feet away. The batsman can then play the shot up to 10 times in a minute and rapidly learns where and why you have to move your feet (velcro footprints act as a guide) and how to play the shot correctly.

Cricket Coaching Mat
Cricket Coaching Mat

“Kids love it”, coaches say “it’s the best tool I’ve used to coach batting” and clubs say “it’s the best thing we’ve ever bought for our juniors”

“Equally at home at your School or Cricket Club as well”

“Whether you’re a beginner, a professional or somewhere in between, the coaching mat will take your game further” Andrew Gale Yorkshire CCC captain

“They are also very good for practising at home – in the back garden, or the back yard even indoors – perhaps in the garage with the cars parked outside” Paul Griffiths

Please Visit the website www.cricketcoachingmats.com  and be the next player and or coach to benefit. Don’t get caught behind !!!

If you do purchase one – if you wish please mention Paul Griffiths

David Cooper: is the designer of the Cricket Coaching Mat and very good friend of Paul Griffiths

David has coached cricket for over 30 years in schools and clubs and runs district cricket teams in Yorkshire.

David was concerned about difficulties faced by youngsters when graduating from “kwik cricket” to real hard ball cricket.

How can a youngster master any particular shot when the bowling they face is all over the place?

He thought that the way forwards was to regularly practice one shot at a time without the need for a bowler.

The cricket coaching mat idea was born and is now used by over 1000 clubs, schools and individuals all over the world.

He regularly delivers workshops to various cricket coaches association conferences which recently have included Lancashire, Yorkshire, Worcestershire, Hertfordshire and Huntingdonshire.

David  has also assisted to coach the England Disabled cricket team and West Yorkshire girls squads

19 March 2015