Stumped : Cricket Spiked

UPGWP20160508_1743nique and all Hand Made in Surrey

An idea of mine Paul Griffiths to reuse all those old cricket stumps that can no longer be used on the pitch.

These Cricket Stump Spikes designed to be used to hold down flat Cricket Covers. These cricket covers protect your pitch for tomorrow match or perhaps the whole square. These spikes are ideal to hold these sheets down against the wind and rain.

PGWP20160320_092647The stumps are painted with white emulsion paint and will stand vertical once the spike (6″ / 150mm) is in the ground, making them visible to any one. Also stamped with PaulGriffiths Info on them.


Made in Surrey : These Cricket Spikes are hand made in Surrey and available to buy at my “Shop“.

Sizes : Available in approximate lengths of either 7″ of 9″ e.g. A Recycled Cricket stump 4 or 3 Cricket Stump Spikes from one Standard stump of 28”


My thanks to Betchworth Forge, Surrey for doing the metalwork.