Willow Refurb by GN

pgwp20161022_101620My Cricket Bat refurbishment?

My No:2 Bat Before

My No:2 Bat a Willostix Anaconda Grade 1 – was sent off to Gray Nicolls to take advantage of their excellent Refurbishment Service.


Bat returned almost like new, even a new Gray Nicolls oval handle as the original was cracked.

You can box it and sent to them or you request a collect and return (currently an additional £15)

I did request no stickers – and I even included my own stickers – but this did not get to the bat. As Your Can See “Not made by GN stickers” are on the bat.

Total cost of the repair including the £15 courier £15 New Handle was £67.99. The Blade of this my No:2 bat was still good so this refurbishment was great value.pgwp20161105_102042

Gray Nicolls comprehensive range of services include:

  • Secure courier collect and return service (or send in yourself if preferred)
  • Detailed upfront pricing structure
  • Cost saving combined services
  • Customisable finish (grips, labels and protective fittings)
  • Examine and quote option if unsure of requirements
  • All work applied by the same skilled hands that make and repair bats for the world’s leading players

More info:

Gray Nicolls only use their own managed and harvested Willow from England, in short English Willow!!

Gray Nicolls –

Willostix – No longer available to buy at Willostix.

GN – Gray Nicolls are Paul’s Preferred Bat Supplier.

GN Logo 2

In June 2016 I was lucky enough to attend GN Robertsbridge, and pick my own. This will become by No: 1 bat in 2017

Not hand made by the GN Bat Maker – Chris – he only does professional cricketers, still hand made by Gray Nicolls though.

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