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Paul received a communication from Paul Bedford:

Email Subject : Overseas Players 2017


Managed Migration in Club Cricket

Dear Paul,

On 05 September, I wrote to clubs advising that the Home Office had spoken to ECB regarding non-European Economic Area (EEA) players entering the UK using the Standard Visitor visa and that Clubs needed to be aware that the Standard Visitor visa only allows a player to join an amateur team or club to gain experience in a particular sport if they are an ‘Amateur’.

Click here to view a copy of the letter dated 05 September.

Click here for the question and answers page.

Click here for a Premier League Registration document that can be adapted for
‘control’ purposes by other Leagues.

It is essential for ECB, and Cricket to comply and continue to have an effective
relationship with the Home Office, clubs receiving non-EEA migrants must abide by these rules.

The Home Office definitions below were included in the letter dated 05 September.

A “Professional Sportsperson”, is someone, whether paid or unpaid, who:-

  1. is providing services as a sportsperson, playing or coaching in any capacity, at a
    professional or semi-professional level of sport; or
  2. being a person who currently derives, who has in the past derived or seeks in
    the future to derive, a living from playing or coaching, is providing services as a
    sportsperson or coach at any level of sport, unless they are doing so as an

An “Amateur” is a person who engages in a sport or creative activity solely for
personal enjoyment and who is not seeking to derive a living from the activity. This
also includes a person playing or coaching in a charity game.

Note:- The ECB is not registered to give advice on immigration. Information on
aspects of immigration policy and law can be found on the Home Office website.

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Yours sincerely,

Paul Bedford
National Participation Manager (Leagues and Competitions)

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last reviewed and updated 4 March 2017