Scoring goes digital with Play-Cricket Scorer

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ECB Launch – Play-Cricket Scorer

The ECB today ( on my birthday ) launch Play-Cricket Scorer, well ok yesterday but announcement emails went out today 17 march 2017

The ECB advise “The newly released Play-Cricket Scorer app will bring your recreational games to life, from back-garden matches to league fixtures.”

The ECB’s Luanch page is at http://tinyurl.com/Play-CricketScorerApp

paul’s initial thoughts:

I believe this app will be a Killer App for All Cricket Scoring – you may disagree – that is fine.

Across the UK and beyond. Yes there is others out there, however this one will persuade alot of Clubs to move from the traditional pen and paper scorebooks.

Why you ask – main one for me at this early release is it’s automatic integration with your club’s play-cricket site. In short it will be up on your clubs site in “real time”. The number of matches I have played in – enjoyed the socialising after the game and then I jump on my clubs play-cricket site the same day as the match and upload the days play on to play-cricket.com



I will update this page as I install and use via my Clubs Qualified Scorers (myself and others)  and tweet lots throughout the 2017.

So will include screen shots etc


For 2017 will only be available on Android and ios (iphone) – Chatting to the ECB they have not ruled out a Windows Version but sadly won’t be this year.












This page was last reviewed and updated 19 march 2017