ECB Foundation One Coach

Some of you may remember the Level 1 ?
which I always maintained was a great way to engage helpers/team managers/officials with out the time commitment for a Level 2 Coaching Qualification.

When the “old” Level 1 dropped from the ECB Coaching Qualification portfolio I always thought a “Level 1” was always needed. For info it has been maintained in Football and Rugby to my knowledge whilst in Cricket Level 1 was in my opinion missing.

I must shout it from the roof tops


– Better, stronger and is the ECB Foundation One Coach Qualification.

I don’t think i need to tell you ?

Coaching is an enormously rewarding, challenging and crucial role in cricket. Actually in any sport!!

ECB Foundation One Coach is a new coach development programme and qualification that has been created to help more people take their first steps into coaching cricket.

It is a blend of e-learning and face-to-face modules led by ECB Coach Developers will explore what coaching looks like, the impact you can have as an ECB Foundation One Coach, the skills you can help players to develop and how you can learn from your experiences.

By committing yourself to this programme and becoming a qualified coach you will become an important part of the ECB’s coaching family that works together to help players improve, have fun, be safe and learn at every stage of their development.

Programme outcomes
This programme has been designed to give learners the knowledge, skills and confidence to coach cricket sessions that are active, purposeful, enjoyable and safe.

of note 1: An ECB Foundation I Coach will be qualified to lead coaching sessions independently and without supervision.
of note 2 : the ECB Foundation One Coach  is now the entry level qualification required to coach cricket.

So the Level 1 is back you might say?
Yes and NO this Foundation One Course content is better. Containing more value, knowledge and skill(s)  that you can take back to your club and coaching sessions

ECB Foundation One Coach Course Content

          • Role of an ECB Foundation I Coach
          • What does coaching look like?
          • icoachcricket
          • Coaching fielding, bowling and batting
          • Foundation principles – fielding, bowling and batting
          • The coaching tools
          • Purposeful sessions
          • Active sessions
          • Safe sessions
          • Enjoyable sessions*
          • Differentiation

*Enjoyable Sessions a key one both for you as coach and those you are coaching. Always has been always will be – even our All Stars right up the England Squad(s)

Who is it for?
Anyone aged 17 and over wishing to become qualified to coach cricket, inspire players and make a difference to the game. (Please See Pre-requisites below)


  • 4 face-to-face modules lasting 3 hours each (12 hours total)
  • 7 bitesize e-learning modules lasting 10-15 minutes each
  • 3 observed coaching opportunities during face-to-face modules and an online multiple choice questionnaire
  • £150.00

Pre-requisites for certification

  • 18 years of age
  • Valid safeguarding training e.g. Safeguarding Young Cricketers

How to Apply

Contact your County for more information and their up and coming dates schedules.

Further Information

The ECB Page –
ECB iCoachCricket : (a login is needed so if you haven’t you will need to register)

My Home County – Surrey Cricket Foundation :

Surrey Venues include Downsend School LEATHERHEAD – Edgeborough School FRENSHAM – St Peter’s School GUILDFORD & Feltonfleet School COBHAM

The ECB Foundation One Coach
is The entry level qualification for cricket coaching in England and Wales.

Level One if you like!

this page was last reviewed and updated 23 October 2019