SDL Limited Addition Framed Print 2

£ 150.00



Limited Edition Framed Print

Surrey Downs League
Season 2020 : Word Cloud “Trophy square”

Produced by Paul Griffiths
Framed by : The Framed Picture Co.*

Image Size: 40x40cm,
Mount: 60mm Single Mount
Mount Colour : Glacier
Frame Size: 56x56cm
Frame: Square Oak, Mount Colour: Glacier

will be shipped from The Framed Picture Company where possible
Paul uses.

Price includes £10 postage and packing anywhere UK Mainland Only
Price also includes a minimum donation of  £50

Which Paul will offer to a great Cricket Charity should there be lots of orders?

Please contact Paul directly as will only confirm order when £150 is received.

Not sure how this online ordering on my Shop will work to be honest.

Autographs : difficult unless in my location- would love to add if practical.

106x106cm framed print also available : Price on application to Paul.

Would look great any where ? Club House / Home ?


*Subject to delivery from Paul’s Preferred supplier : The Framed Picture Company

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