Robin Worth Picture Frames

Routes Up Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon)

Robin working from his studio in Leigh in Surrey,

Robin Worth has been creating custom made frames for nearly 40 years.

In that time, there is very little that Robin has not created a frame for. Some of Paul’s Commissions can be seen on this page.

As well as more conventional pieces like wedding photos, family portraits, certificates, photographs, oil paintings, tapestry and embroidery, Robin has also created custom frames for glass eyes, golf clubs, t-shirts, wedding bouquets, fishing floats and much more! Whether it is 3D or flat, Robin can create a frame for it!

Robin takes great pride in every single frame that he lovingly creates. He ensures that every piece that leaves his studio would not be out of place in his own home. Robin says that the frames he creates are preserving a memory, and must, therefore, be up to the highest standard to that memory justice.

Robin has said to me “if it is good enough to hang on my wall, it’s good enough to hang on yours”.

All of Paul’s requests frames, t-shirt frames, photos, cricket bat “boxes” all are commissioned by Paul and yu can instantly see Robin’s time, diligence and professional work in all from Robin’s Leigh Surrey Studio.

If you contact Robin would you be so kind and mention Paul Griffiths – thank you

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