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Zip World’s Website – “Zip World Velocity at Zip World Penrhyn Quarry, Bethesda, is the fastest zip line in the world and the longest in Europe.

This adventure takes you on the Little Zipper to build your confidence and to experience the fitting of you into the the “dolly” system. You thought this was good

Then a 10 minute ride on the Luxury Zip World Quarry Like “Zip World’s Red” Trucks.

Some Take in the stunning views from the Top of Velocity and take photos etc.

22 Augsut 2017 – My ZIP TIME: 11:40
With my 1140 Cohort of 12 my son and I or rather I decided to get it out the way first – no photos straight on The World’s Fastest Zip Wire.

You will then descend down the Big Zipper – Velocity – over the quarry lake often reaching speeds up to 119 miles an hour.

Surprised myself
only did it as all under 18 have to be accompanied by a participating adult !!

That was me with my son albeit he was on the other wire “Alpha” – myself on “Bravo”

Some stats on the Big Zipper – Velocity:

  • Maximum Speed : 165 km/h
  • Maximum Height above the ground : 152 metres
  • Length : 1560 metres
  • Cables / Zip Wires : 2
  • Cable Tension : 7.5t
  • Breaking Strength of Cable : 27.7t
  • Starting Height : 432 metres
  • Difference in Height : 219 Metres
  • Maximum Thoughput : 20 people per cable per hour

Source for most of the above facts – and of course a large piece of welsh slate which mentions.


All Staff were great and at the key times – were reassuring – so if you are up for it – it is an amazing experience.

– the Little Zipper is an option but the full experience includes both The Little Zipper and the Big Zipper – Velocity

My You Tube Channel Vids:

  1. The “Free” Zip World Momento Vid 1
  2. My Head Cam Vid 2


More information:

Zip World UK first Open at Penrhyn Quarry in Bethesda in March 2013

Offering “riders” the closest experience a person can get to skydiving without actually leaping out of a plane. It involves flying head-first, for just under a mile exceeding speeds of 100mph down a mountain and then straight over a cliff, 500ft above the quarry lake with spectacular views as far out as you can see on clear sunny day.

Zip World Penrhyn Quarry – LL57 4YG – – Just off the B4409 also just off the A5
Velocity –

Welsh Slate Ltd –

Leaping out of a plane - I've done that - 2000 feet static line - from a Cessna


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